Aloha !

Hey, I’m Emilie. I’m a photographer and adventurer and I’m in love with LOVE. I’m based in Toulouse, but I’ve always got my trusty backpack ready and waiting for a jaunt to the Basque Country! (check out my upcoming trips here)!

I live for happy people, for head-over-heels lovers, for cutie-pie families and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. So, for the last five years I’ve been roaming all over France and the world, meeting them and immortalising their good times, big and small. I specialise in lifestyle and wedding photography, but I also work with businesses to help them showcase their projects and triumphs.


So what are you like? A little bit off the wall? Do you love rock’n’roll? Would you describe your family as quirky? Yes? Then we’re going to get along! I’m not going to ask you to pose for me – no way. This isn’t your standard photo shoot: it’s about you being YOU! Kiss with a passion, laugh yourself silly with your kids, take off to explore the mountains, go play chicken with the ocean…

I want to capture all these moments, all this love, in places you feel comfortable, with soft, natural light. Because these are the moments you’re going to remember. The stupid jokes, the wind whippping up your hair… Who cares if your shoes get a bit muddy or your stomach aches from laughing so much?


There’s another type of love nestled alongside all this romantic love. It’s a little different, but just as powerful: that of entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, artists, creators and everyone who has put a crazy amount of energy into creating their own company or launching a project. Perhaps because it’s something I’ve done myself – and because I’m still working on it every single day – but I really enjoy helping them with their marketing.

We all know how important image is, so I put my heart and soul into creating made-to-measure shoots for you that faithfully represent your values and those of the clients you want to reach out to.


One-on-one or in small groups, I can help you learn the basics and master your camera.

Whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve already got a pretty good grasp of this photography thing; whether you just want to take stunning pictures of your goldfish or you want to improve your company’s visual marketing, I’ve got the tailor-made photography class to suit your requirements.