So, you’ve read all about the photographer behind Remember Happiness, you’ve discovered what makes me tick, and you think we’d be a great match?

Whether you’re jumping for joy at the idea of strutting your stuff in front of a camera, or you’ve come over all shy and a little scared of this big ‘ole beast (no, we’re not talking about me!), I would be delighted to share all these feelings with you.

Tell me everything! What does your heart desire? What made you think Yes! Emilie is the one for me! Who, what, where, when… Be my next special encounter!


[email protected]

I will answer them in a few days!

Pays Basque. Landes.
Toulouse. Corsica.

Musicien qui fait du stop sur route de montagne


I share my time between Toulouse and the Atlantic, with regular stops in the Pyrénées. 

This year I’ll also be in Corsica in April with Sullivan.

If you’re in the area and you’re interested in a shoot, please get in touch! But if the destination of your dreams isn’t on this list, send me a message and we’ll see if we can make it happen!