Here we’re going to talk about all those little moments that make day-to-day life that little bit sweeter, and how I just love capturing them. This has nothing to do with posing in front of the camera, and everything to do with enjoying a quality moment with your family or as a couple.

Ok, perhaps we’ll take a few photos for your grandma’s fridge where you look at me with big ‘ole toothy grins. But the rest will be real moments. Those moments we forget sometimes, those we’d like to engrave on our memories forever, the ones you treasure… I want you to have photos that look like you! So yes, I will guide you a little, because I know it’s a funny kind of situation to be in, but whether you’re an extrovert or very reserved, a gentle teddy bear or a crazy clown, that’s exactly what I want to capture. It’s your story.

Capturing reality...

maman et ses deux garçons sur un skate

More than images…


• Email/telephone contact whenever necessary
• Help preparing your session
(PDF guide, telephone calls, etc.)
• Approx. 2 hr photography session
• Post-production from A to Z
• A wooden photo holder + 5 velvet prints
• An online gallery with a password
• A big dollop of love and one devoted photographer!

tirages photos d'une seance famille

After each shoot, you’ll receive a lovely wooden photo frame made in Les Landes, France, by my good friends over at Woodstache. And to go with it, pretty velvet-effect photos printed in Toulouse by Clicher, so you can keep your memories close to hand. And it goes without saying that all these little touches are eco-friendly, created with respect for the environment and mankind.

A shoot to suit everyone


couple qui s'embrasse sur la plage

Séance couple

famille en train de lire un livre

Séance famille

maman enceinte dans champ de fougeres

Séance maternité

Leaving on an adventure

If you follow me on Instagram or on my blog A way of travel, you’ll already know about my passion for wide open spaces. When I’m not working I go and explore the surrounding area, climb mountains or surf a few waves. This means I have plenty of unusual places to suggest to you for your shoots, as a family or with your lover.

I’m always ready to put my hiking boots on, camp at the top of a mountain with you to catch the best dawn light, or throw myself into the ocean to create memories that reflect the real you! So if nature fascinates you as much as it does me, and you really want to live your photo shoots, then grab that backpack: I’m ready!