More than just photos, I want to make memories for you. So you can relive this day again and again, indefinitely. My aim is to capture every detail, every moment, and always in a gentle, natural way. 

Half ninja, half best buddy

Sometimes you’ll forget all about me: I’ll be working away quietly in the background to capture those shared moments of complicity, bursts of laughter and quick little hugs. And sometimes I’ll be there to reassure you, make you laugh, toast to your love, and – most importantly – soak up the atmosphere so I can reflect it as best possible in my work.

We’re not going to spend three hours in the blazing sun taking photo after photo of forced smiles. Hell no! You’ve brought together all the people you adore in your dream setting and you’re going to be giving and receiving huge doses of love: that’s what I want to capture. All this love, all this sweet madness. 

If I could give you just one piece of advice for the wedding of your dreams, it’d be this: be yourselves! Forget about tradition and convention and just do what pleases you. Then, just enjoy your day.

A drink then a magazine

So we can get to know each other! And if we can’t meet in person, we can Skype. Then I’ll send you a PDF magazine full of advice to help you plan your day.

Reportage photography of your day

Depending on which package you choose, I will be at your side from when you start getting ready until the first dancer struts their stuff on the dancefloor. And between the two? Photos of you, photos of your guests, photos of you with your guests, of the decorations, the venue, your wedding ceremony… Basically, I’ll be there to capture everything and provide you with the most comprehensive shoot possible and bottomless memories! 

couple de mariees en sortie de ceremonie

Post-production deserves special care

After the wedding, I spend several days enhancing all your photos. I give them that little extra sparkle, but without transforming or changing them. 

A wooden box Made with love In Les Landes, France.

boites en bois pour tirages photos mariage
boite en bois avec prenoms graves


Because knowing my photos are hidden away on some forgotten file on your hard drive makes me very sad, I have some very (VERY being totally objective) beautiful albums to offer you as an option.

album photo en bois

How about we start getting to know each other now?

Engagement Session

So we can get to know each other, so you can see for yourselves that there’s nothing to be afraid of, nothing complicated… Or just for fun!

As always, it’s not just about beautiful photos. It’s about you, an experience, taking the time to care for yourself. The lovely photos are just the icing on the cake.