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We’re not going to spend three hours in the blazing sun taking photo after photo of forced smiles. Hell no! There are just two ingredients to a successful shoot: good lighting (I’ll take charge of that, thanks), and enjoying the moment (this is where you come in).


Part of the time you won’t even know I’m there, so I can capture those little moments of complicity, bursts of laughter, furtive hugs… And part of the time I’ll be there to reassure you, make you laugh, toast to your love and – above all – soak up the atmosphere so I can reflect it as faithfully as possible in my work.

If I could give you just one piece of advice for your day, it’d be this: be yourself! Forget the traditions and the customs and just do what you want to do. Believe me, I’ve had enough experience: those are the days that work best.

When you want to immerse yourself in your memories in the years to come it’s these photos you’re going to dig out. Don’t neglect your choice of photographer!

Wedding packages start from 1,470 euros and include:

  • A chat/Skype date for a coffee/beer (or a chocolate milk!)
  • Email/telephone contact whenever necessary
  • Coverage of your wedding (as per the package chosen)
  • Post-production from A to Z
  • A box with a USB key containing your photos in high-definition
  • An online gallery with a password to share with your guests
  • A big dollop of love and one devoted photographer!


Because alongside big parties to celebrate all this love there are also tons of little moments that we don’t pay attention to right away, but which are just as precious

The sleep-filled eyes of your tiny tot when he wakes up, her bursts of laughter, bubbles at bath time… Your man pulling you close, his smell. A joke told for the 147th time but which will always make you laugh like a hyena. The wind tugging at your hair when you hug. Or the blasts of the confetti canons wielded by your besties, waiting for you on the street corner to celebrate your bachelorette party…




Lifestyle sessions start from 300 euros and include:

  • Email/telephone contact whenever necessary
  • 1h or 2h shooting (as per the package chosen)
  • Post-production from A to Z
  • An online gallery with a password and high definition photos to download
  • 5 prints 10*15 and a surprise !
  • A big dollop of love and one devoted photographer (again)!


I’m 100% certain that memories languishing on an old hard disk are never as good as a beautiful photo album or even just a print stuck on your fridge, so I’ve tracked down the very best suppliers.

The albums I have to offer you are made in Europe and reserved exclusively for professional photographers. They open out totally flat, so every centimetre of each double page can be used. The quality of the photos is excellent and the design is super modern. I have a few demo books available, and some samples: just ask me!

The same is true for the prints: they are produced by a photo lab in Toulouse with really high standards when it comes to the quality of the paper and the final outcome.

If my services are out of your budget but you’ve got a great idea…

An elopement in Scotland, a Surf’s up engagement shoot, a folk wedding atop a mountain…


And you’re convinced I’m THE photographer for the job…

Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!